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When you meet Sharlize True in person, the first thing that stands out is her infectious smile and bubbly personality. She’s sweet, giggly, and so well-spoken. When she starts to dance, though, her adorable exterior is replaced with the focused intensity of a professional dancer. Trust us when we say this girl has moves! We caught up with the talented Sharlize True to talk about dance,, and Justin Bieber...check out what she had to say below!

Sharlize, you’ve started to make quite a name for yourself as a dancer on How did you get started dancing?

My mom owns a competitive dance studio called Shelly True Dance Academy and that's how I started dancing!

Amazing, it’s no wonder you’re so talented! Who or what inspires you when you’re dancing?

Who inspires me when I'm dancing is God and Justin Bieber! I know that sounds a little weird to have both of them in the same sentence but it's true! Justin Bieber started as a YouTube phenomenon and is now one of the biggest celebrities in the world he was one of the reasons I started social media. His saying "Never Say Never" really means something to me it means nothing is impossible and miracles can happen. And with God anything is possible!


That totally makes sense. So then how did you get started using and Instagram?

I got inspired to start doing musical.lys last summer. I went to LA for a workshop and the place I was staying has many famous social media stars that live there like Cameron Dallas, Mark Thomas, Joey Birlem, Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, Lele Pons, Anwar, and more. They would all be walking around their apartments recording musical.lys and making videos and it just seemed like so much fun. My fans/followers on social media have impacted my career immensely, it has helped me get many ambassador opportunities to work with different companies and people.

That sounds like so much fun! Your social media success has really started taking off the last few months. What has that been like?

My followers have been gaining like crazy and every time I go to competitions for dancing or skating I get noticed by young girls who got inspired by me to start dancing. I have met so many new friends from social media and can't wait to make more.

We can’t wait to see where takes you next! So when you’re not dancing, acting, and singing, are there any other sports or activities you’re into?

Some people may not know that I'm also a competitive figure skater and have been skating for 3 years. I hope to attend 2022 Olympics!


No way! We had no idea! You clearly excel at a lot of sports, what advice do you have for kids and teenagers wanting to pursue dance (or any other sport)?

Start early, commit to classes, and when it gets hard push through.

Great advice! With your newfound social media success, we’re sure you’ve encountered some haters. How do you deal with trolls?

Haters are my motivators! Every time I get hate on my page it motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing because it means I'm doing something right. I've learned to block all negativity out and only focus on the positive comments. People don't hate on you because they hate you, they hate on you because they've got something that's happening in their personal life and they're letting it out on you. Don't take any negative comments personal[ly] and don't respond to hate because haters just want a reaction.

We love your attitude! It sounds like you know how to deal with negative people pretty well. Do you have any advice for kids who are getting bullied at school?

If you're getting bullied tell a parent. Sometimes issues can't be handled by children and need to be solved by an adult. Don't take anything bullies say personal[ly] they're just trying to get a reaction...don't give them a reaction! Be good to people for no reason even if the bully is being mean you've got to be the bigger person and not stoop down to their level. Also, bullies are usually very insecure people and bully you because of their personal past. My goal is for every bully to find happiness in their life.

You’re so well-spoken and seem so comfortable in your own skin! Where do you find your self-confidence?

I find my self-confidence in dancing. Just be comfortable in your own skin and remember you were put on this earth for a reason and take pride in that. You are important and you don't have to change yourself for people to like you just stay TRUE to who YOU are and the right people will want to follow your journey.


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