The Best Advice Ever from Raegan Beast


We can all agree that Raegan Beast is an incredible human. The thing we love most about him is how crazy dedicated he is to his fans - and how he uses his voice in social media to stand up for things he believes in. The 17-year-old Maryland native has made a huge impact on the scene already, and he’s just getting started! We sat down with Raegan for an exclusive interview about his fan community, and got his advice on self-confidence, making new friends, and dealing with the haters.

Here’s what he had to say!

Raegan, you have developed a giant, loving fanbase, but obviously haters come with the territory of being a social media star. How do you deal with trolls and online negativity?

Blocking them is going to be the best thing. Now they won’t have access to you or your followers. That’s what I always do, I always block. People always ask me why I don’t send my supporters after the [haters] but really, I think that’s what they want. They know they’ll get noticed when they write something rude or mean.

I bet it can be pretty tempting to engage back with haters, but it seems like you have a good strategy for dealing with it.

Yeah, they’re just trying to get attention. I’ve never actually been affected by a hate comment just because I have so many comments telling me how amazing I am and how happy I make them. It’s really easy to ignore one mean comment when you have thousands of great ones. For people with a smaller following, it definitely would affect them, you know? That’s why you need to kind of block and just try to take positive approach. Or sometimes, I’ll comment back to them and say, “that’s not very nice” or something kind of like nonchalant...and they’ll be like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t think you’d notice me. I just said something mean so you’d see me!”

Yeah, I can imagine your true fans help you feel amazing everyday! Do you have any advice for them on how to deal with bullies?

Best thing to do is take issues with a bully to someone who can do something about it, like an adult. Stick up for yourself but don’t fight. Words are very powerful. You can always talk it out too. I was getting some hate comments on my Instagram that were coming from kids my school, so I went straight to the teachers and told them what they were saying. I felt like that was necessary. I don’t care if I’m being a tattletale, I don’t want them to say that to anyone else. You have to go to someone who can actually do something about it.


I definitely agree that this is the best approach. It can be intimidating to ask for help or confront a hater, but taking the high-road is the way to go. Perhaps one of the most outstanding and inspirational aspects of your story is your public transition as a teenager. Can you tell us more about that?

Going through transition and stuff, I was trying to figure out who I was and the one thing that really helped me and made me feel really good was getting involved in music lessons. I made friends, we played music together. I got into sports and really like it. I think getting into activities as a teenager is really healthy and really good. Instead of just sitting up in your room and putting all your focus on social media, it’s really good to have something outside as well. It really does build up your confidence and you find people that have the same interests as just makes people happier overall. I think kids should try, whether they like sports or not, I think trying activities and making new friends helps.

That’s great advice! You definitely seem like you’ve become a really confident person. What advice can you offer your fans who want to just become more comfortable in their own skin?

I know it sounds really cheesy but I did this for a while. I put a list of positive things I liked about myself and I put it on my mirror. So every morning when you wake up you read those positive things about yourself, it really does help. It helps you realize you love more things about yourself than you thought. It sounds cheesy but it really does help!


Thank you for sharing everything with us, Raegan! We’re so happy you’re part of our Shimmur fam :) XO

 Photo of Raegan Beast & Hali'a Beamer taken at the Shimmur HQ by @createwithkelly

Photo of Raegan Beast & Hali'a Beamer taken at the Shimmur HQ by @createwithkelly

Raegan is a perfect example of a Shimmur Tribe leader setting a wonderful example for his devoted fans. Although he has felt lost at times, he has always found ways to gain back his self-confidence and stay true to who he is. Getting out of his comfort zone, making friends that shared his interest in music, and learning something new helped him build his confidence during his transition. He always encourages his fans to stand up for themselves and never lose sight of what makes them special. Whether you’re trying to stand out in the crowd, find your crew, or just try something new, getting involved in something you’re passionate about is a good way to go. Find your Tribe, Love them hard :)

 Raegan, Hali'a & Kara at the Shimmur HQ. Pic by @createwithkelly

Raegan, Hali'a & Kara at the Shimmur HQ. Pic by @createwithkelly

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