Christian Lalama Talks Music Inspo, Celebrity Friends, & New Songs!


At just thirteen-years-old, Christian Lalama is already paving his way towards a lifelong career as a musician. Whether he’s covering Bruno Mars songs or writing and performing his own original lyrics, Christian keeps pretty busy. He found a moment between photoshoots and recording sessions to chat with us about music, trick shots, and dealing with haters. Check out our convo below!

Your fan base knows you as a super talented musician. How did you get started in the music world?

My whole family has been musicians and I guess they kind of set an example for me and made me listen to music as a child. I really started to like it and that’s when I started performing on my own with my brother. And then that kind of led to all this, and it’s been pretty cool!


Yeah, it has been! You’re only thirteen and you’ve already had so much success as an artist. You also have a big social media presence, so how did you get started on Instagram and

I got started on social media because I had been watching kids like Johnny Orlando and Carson Leuders online and I thought, “It’d be really cool if I started posting videos like this where I do a cover of a song and post pictures and videos on Instagram and,” and so that’s basically how it all started about a year ago.

In just a year you’ve gained 700K followers? Wow, that’s impressive. How has being on social media impacted your career?

Being on social media has really impacted my career. It’s opened up so many opportunities from people I would never think in a million years I’d be with and now I’m sitting right beside them. Like for example, Carson Lueders was a big inspiration to me when I first started, and now we’re buddies and we like text on Snapchat all the time. Without social media, I definitely wouldn’t have this relationship.

That’s awesome! Social media is definitely a great platform to promote new songs. Do you have any original music coming out this year?

I just released an original song called “When I’m With You” and right now we’re working on [another] original. We’re starting to get the music and lyrics down and it’s going to be really cool.

Amazing! With a following like yours, you’re bound to receive some mean comments. How do you deal with that?

Honestly it doesn’t affect me. It just makes me laugh that people actually take the time to sit there and write that and think it all through and type it out and hit the send button. I just read those and I laugh. I find it hilarious.

What a great attitude to have! So you mentioned that Carson really inspired you to start posting online, so what or who inspires you musically?

What really inspires me are bands like The Eagles, Queen, Boston, the Beatles, but currently, Bruno Mars is really a big inspiration to me because he’s bringing that music back. He’s got so much talent and he brings it all to the stage when you go watch one of his concerts, it’s crazy.

Yeah, Bruno Mars definitely puts on an amazing show. You’ve really got a great musical career ahead of you but if you weren’t a performer, what do you think you’d be doing?

If I  wasn’t a singer or performer, I think I would probably want to work with Dude Perfect, the trick shot people. They have like 12 million subscribers on YouTube and they do the craziest trick shots. I feel like if I wasn’t in the music business that’s something I would do. [Trick shotting is just a] pastime right now, I just don’t have the time to make any videos.

You’re a great trick shotter! I could totally see you doing that. So you’ve already paved a pretty clear path towards a life in the music business - what advice do you have for other kids and teenagers who are wanting to pursue music?

Just do what they think is right. I think social media will really help them get noticed. Just be consistent and basically just post what [your fans] really like and what other people are wanting to see. [People who want to become musicians] should just follow what they believe will get them there and it usually will.

Speaking of putting yourself out there and following your dreams as a singer, where do you find your self-confidence and do you have tips for building self-esteem?

Really just follow what you want, do what makes you happy. If you want to boost your self-confidence, don’t listen to what people are saying about you and all the hate that people spread because it just means that they’re jealous of you that they can’t be where you are now. Just don’t listen to all the negativity; follow what you think is right.

Thank you Christian for talking with us!

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