Tips for Getting Noticed on Shimmur

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Hi guys!

Shimmur is the go-to-place for GETTING NOTICED by your favorite stars 😱  We built the app to make it wayy easier to cut through all the spam and actually interact with the creators you love and follow everyday. A question I get asked a lot in our Shimmur Tribe is “HOW do I get noticed on Shimmur? What are some tricks for getting noticed faster and more often??”

So here it is - the complete guide to getting noticed on Shimmur! Let me know if you find these tips helpful and if YOU have gotten noticed, please please share your story with us in our Shimmur Tribe! 🙏  It always makes me super happy hearing how Shimmur has worked for you!

The basics of how getting noticed on Shimmur works:

  1. Find your favorite stars on Shimmur and join their Tribes

  2. Create posts for your Tribe Leaders to see: ask questions, share stories, post photos, fan art or anything!

  3. Help each other get noticed by UPVOTING the best posts in the Tribe (and other fans will return the favor by upvoting YOUR post to the top!)

  4. The Tribe Leader will see the MOST UPVOTED posts in their Tribe FIRST - so the more upvotes your post gets, the higher the chance that your favorite star will notice you!

  5. When the Tribe Leadar notices your post, we’ll notify you!


Tip 1: Make your posts THOUGHTFUL, ORIGINAL, and POSITIVE

The more unique, kind and genuine your post is, the more likely you’ll get upvotes from fellow fans! 😊  Try asking a question they haven’t received before (check the responded tab before you create your post), or sharing a story about why you’re a fan.

Tip 2: Quality over Quantity 🙏

Shimmur is NOT about spamming the Tribe Leaders over and over, and in fact, fans will downvote your posts if you do this. That’s why we limit the number of posts you can create in a row. To get noticed, spend time creating a few high-quality posts in a Tribe, and then watch as those posts get upvotes and start to trend! Be patient, it’s worth it 🙏

Tip 3: Include a photo or art or fan edit!

We’ve seen that posts with a picture attached do really well! Especially if it’s a photo of you with the Tribe Leader, or an edit or drawing you made yourself!

Tip 4: Don’t ask for a follow

The Tribe Leaders are used to people asking them for a “follow” or “BFF” on other apps, so usually if you do it on Shimmur they’ll just ignore the post or other fans will downvote it before the Tribe Leader can see it.

Tip 5: Keep it simple

When your post is focused on one question or one story or one compliment, it is easier to react or respond to!

Tip 6: Be YOU

Let your beautiful, unique personality shine on Shimmur! Be silly, funny, kind, artistic, honest - just be you! Your favorite stars want to see the real you… that’s why they love you :)

Good luck everyone!

Love, Kara


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