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Hey guys!

Welcome to Shimmur! Some of you probably already know what we’re all about… but for anyone who just found us, here is an overview of who we are and what we do!

Shimmur is the go-to place to directly interact with the stars you love. We built a platform to make fan engagement easier, more fun, and more scalable. Our Shimmur app helps fans like you get noticed and get REAL responses straight from your favorite social media celebs.

Some questions we get a lot:


How does the Shimmur app work?

First step: download the app & sign-up! ;)

Then, here’s how you get noticed on Shimmur:

  1. Find your favorite stars on Shimmur and join their Tribes

  2. Create posts for your Tribe Leaders to see: ask questions, share stories, post photos, fan art or anything!

  3. Help each other get noticed by UPVOTING the best posts in the Tribe (and other fans will return the favor by upvoting YOUR post to the top!)

  4. The Tribe Leaders will see the MOST UPVOTED posts in their Tribe FIRST - so the more upvotes your post gets, the higher the chance that your favorite star will notice you!

  5. When the Tribe Leader responds to posts you’ve created OR upvoted, we’ll notify you!

What’s a “Tribe”?

A Tribe on Shimmur is a star’s inner circle of fans - it’s all their biggest, most loyal fans coming together to interact. Being part of a Tribe is more personal than “following” your favorite stars on other social media - you’re part of their Shimmur Fam and they want to feel closer to each of you!


What’s an “Upvote”?

An “upvote” boosts a post to the top of the Tribe. The more upvotes your post gets, the higher it ranks in the feed and the better chance you have of being noticed. The Tribe Stars will see the most upvoted posts when they log into Shimmur!


How do I get more upvotes?

Well first, take your time creating thoughtful, original, awesome posts! If other fans like what you post, they’ll all upvote it for you! You can also share links to your posts with friends on Twitter or via text, and they can help you get noticed!

- Check out this blog post with tips for getting noticed -

Why did you call it “Shimmur”?

Our name comes from the word shimmer, which is defined as 'a soft glint of light'. On its own, a shimmer can get lost in the darkness (just like a single voice in the clutter of social media), but when a group of shimmers come together (like fans supporting each other on our app), the result is a radiant, powerful shine.

Shimmur gives YOU the chance to shine, united with other like-minded fans ✨😊

When did you start Shimmur and how did you come up with the idea?

Our 3 Co-Founders began working on the idea for Shimmur a little over 3 years ago. They started managing YouTube star Brent Rivera at the beginning of his career and realized that a major challenge for social media stars was being able to easily notice and respond to their fans. Stars they knew (like Matthew Espinosa, Sammy Wilk, Jack & Jack, etc.) were getting overwhelmed with mentions, comments, spam, and hate...and the thoughtful, genuine fan posts were being lost in the clutter. So they wanted to create a destination for fan engagement, which would surface the best fan content, and make reacting to that content quick, fun, and super scalable.

They began testing the idea with a web Beta in 2014, and soon after assembled a rock-star team of young entrepreneurs, developers, and designers to build the Shimmur iOS app. We launched our first version of the app in December 2015 and continue to improve the product and add new features.

Are you guys a company or an app?

We’re both! We have an iOS app that over 600 social media stars use to directly interact with their biggest, most loyal fans! But we’re also doing lots of other fun stuff at Shimmur - creating content with your favorite stars, producing events and exclusive creator trips, partnering with brands, and supporting stars with merch, design, and opportunities.

Who works at Shimmur?

The coolest people you’ll ever meet 😏  JK...kinda. 😂  We have a small team of 13 and we’re based in sunny Los Angeles, California. To see more behind-the-scenes, follow us on Instagram,, & YouTube @shimmur...and stay tuned for more insider peeks right here on our blog!


Can I have my own Tribe?

Right now Tribes are reserved for social media stars with tons of active fans who want to interact. Typically Tribe Leaders on Shimmur have at least 100K followers on another social platform, and see very high engagement on their social posts. If you think you qualify and would like to speak with our team, you can email us at!

Still have questions WE didn’t answer here?

You’re in luck - that’s why we built Shimmur! ;) You can join our Tribe on the app and ask me a question there! You can also click on the “Responded” tab in our Tribe and view posts I’ve already responded to in case your question has already been asked!


SO happy to have all of you in our #ShimmurFam - YOU make Shimmur possible, and we are so grateful to each and every one of you 🙌

For more Shimmury things in your life, add us on Instagram & @shimmur so we can see your beautiful faces 😊

Lots of love, Kara


Shimmur is the go-to place to directly interact with the Stars you love